Wednesday Night Dinner

Every Wednesday night we offer a gourmet dinner.  The dinner is sold from 5:30 and goes until about 9:00.  We usually run out so you if you really want a meal you might want to get here early.  Please note that our regular menu is also available.

This dinner is usually around $15.  On a rare occasion if we are serving a meal that is particularly expensive we might raise the cost.  We might lower it if our costs are very low.

Please see below for the latest Wednesday Night Dinner.

Wednesday Night Dinner

Korean Shortribs: 24 hour marinated LA-cut short ribs served on a bed of leaf lettuce for wrapping, three varieties of house-made Kimchi (traditional Napa cabbage, carrot & daikon, and cucumber), and a sweet & spicy dipping sauce. Served with Korean-style potato salad and your choice of a house or Caesar salad; $16.

Begins at 5pm until sold out.

Our Regular menu is also available.