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If you ask anyone who has ever been to Nail Creek, they will tell you that we take our drink very seriously here.   In 2008 when Nail Creek opened, our intent was to offer what no one in the Mohawk Valley was… craft beer.

Everyone said that no one was going to buy that “stuff”.  They said “this is a labatt blue town” or “everyone drinks coors lite”.  We couldn’t stand drinking that crap and assumed there were others who felt the same way.  I’m happy to report that we were right and people gladly drink craft beer in the Mohawk Valley.  We take our craft beer so seriously that we don’t even sell any of the mega brewery watered-down swill that floods the market.  No Blue. No Coors.  No Bud.  No Crap Beer.  We specialize in craft beer and we do it right.  Nail Creek offers the largest selection of craft beer in the entire Mohawk Valley and second place is well back in the distance.  If you are a lover of great beer, you will love Nail Creek.

While its obvious that we specialize in great beer, we also highly value our spirits and wines.  We do not carry bottom shelf liquor and our small but ample wine selection is focused on offering unique wines.

As you can tell, the libations that we offer are not what most places would choose.  We are very proud of that fact and continually strive to bring the Mohawk Valley different flavors and tastes.  If you are comfortable and enjoy trying new things then we can’t wait to meet you.  Hope to see you soon.

Current Beer Selection

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Midleton Whiskey

We understand that not everyone wants to drink beer all the time. Neither do we. In fact, a few of us while off duty have been known to go on fairly impressive Jameson benders on occasion. Over the last few years our selection of liquor has gotten to be fairly extensive. We have a great selection of scotchs and whiskeys.

We are very proud to say that you would have to travel a very long distance to find a bar that sells as much Middleton Irish Whiskey as we do. If you dont know what Middleton is, please ask the bartender. While not that cheap, know that we hardly make any money on it. We just love it so much and want to share its beauty.


As with our beer selections, we tried to bring wines to the market that people were not yet aware of. Working with smaller distributors allowed us to find some excellent wines to sell by that glass. We carry three whites and three reds by the glass. Our small but unique selection should have something that is sure to please almost every pallet.

Happy Hour

Join every weekday from 5:00 to 7:00 for $1 off all draft beers.

Beer Club

Learn about our beer club.  Keep track of what you drink and have fun doing it.

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